If you think you’re ready to call yourself a Bronxite, don’t. People don’t refer to themselves that way in the Bronx. And if you do, it’ll be obvious that you’re new around here. But if moving to the Bronx is in your future, we’ve come up with a list of 6 helpful things you need to know before making this historic neighborhood your home.

It’s one of the most affordable boroughs

Outer boroughs like Queens and Brooklyn are continually seeing new developments and rising real estate prices. But the Bronx is one area where many New Yorkers are finding the perfect blend of affordable living and the nitty-gritty NYC feel.  In The Grand Concourse area, you’ll find classic Art Deco style apartments averaging about $204,000. Stunning brick condo buildings in Highbridge offer residences for under $100,000.  In Mott Haven, real estate prices get closer to the $1M range, but it’s a favorite place for renters.


You won’t find a better plate of spaghetti anywhere else

Or eggplant parm. Or cannolis. Or meat covered 16” pie. When it comes to Italian food, it doesn’t get better than Little Italy. There are nooks throughout NYC that try to compare to Little Italy, but there’s only one original. From homemade pasta at Roberto’s to mouth-watering penne ala vodka at Patsy’s Pizzeria (technically in Morris Park) Italians, and those of us who eat like Italians, love this historic and delicious part of the Bronx.

robertos-1024x679Image courtesy of Roberto’s

It’s Easy To Get Around

While some people keep their cars when they move to NYC, many give up their rides and rely on public transportation on a daily basis. It’s simple to jump on the subway for a quick ride to midtown, and traffic isn’t crazy like in Manhattan. Check out this map for trains that run in and out of the city. For newbies to the area, the subway map for Manhattan can look like a crazy kid colored on the walls with crayon. Thankfully in the Bronx, there’s pretty much the 5 and six that’ll get you where you need to get and back home again. The proximity to La Guardia makes it easy to fly in and out of New York, and a bus can take you anywhere in the Bronx you want to go. This pedestrian-friendly borough allows residents to run, walk, skate, or bike from point A to point B with ease.

There’s Real Estate For Everyone

The Bronx is the farthest thing from “one-size-fits-all” that you can get. From the arts and entertainment to the local attractions and the diverse mix of people who call it home, there’s something for everyone in the home of hip-hop, including real estate. Neighborhoods like Riverdale and Fieldstone offer stunning single-family homes and townhomes ranging from $875,000- $6M. Areas like Soundview and Morris Park offer an eclectic mix of recently upgraded townhomes and fixer-uppers. Regardless of whether you are buying or renting, looking for a single-family home or high-rise, and what kind of budget you’re working with, you can find something that meets your lifestyle preferences in the Bronx.

It’s Yankee Territory

Before you cross into Bronx territory, you need to make sure you own at least five pieces of Yankee apparel. Whether it’s a fresh snapback, an old-school Yankees Jersey or just a well-loved Yankees tee, people from the Bronx are serious about their baseball. Being a Yankees fan is a requirement here, and fans in the Bronx are unlike anywhere else in NYC. If you’re not a baseball fan, pretend to be one. It’s a serious business. 

Bronx Has A Beach

When you picture the Bronx, you probably don’t think about digging your toes in the sand and enjoying a fruity cocktail. But Orchard Beach is a refreshing getaway from the edgy-ness of the city. During the summer, the beach is full of New Yorkers defrosting from the colder months and enjoying picnics, basketball games and working on their tan. (And Lord knows we need all the help we can get)

It’s The Home Of Hip Hop

We’re not saying Hip Hop is the only type of music people like around here, but since it’s hip-hop was born here, it’s safe to say that the upbeat musical style is near and dear to many. Can you walk down the streets in your cowboy hat singing about your tractor and your dog? Sure. Will people throw stuff at you? Probably. The Bronx plays a huge rule in the history of Hip-Hop, and you can feel the love for the music in the streets. (And Jennifer Lopez is from here. So there’s that.)


Image courtesy of Complex

The Bronx has a reputation for not being as elegant or fancy as Manhattan, and Broxites (don’t do it) like it that way.

The Bronx isn’t trying to be like Manhattan because it’s already doing a kick-ass job being the Bronx. It’s edgy and fresh while holding onto the charm and history that it is known for. If there’s a move to the Bronx in your future, consider yourself in for a treat. From impressive (but affordable) real estate, a multitude of arts and cultural attractions, incredible eateries and gorgeous parks and public spaces, living in the Bronx is not just a lifestyle; it’s an experience.


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