Not Sold

Your apartment is a reflection of your lifestyle and your taste. When your apartment isn’t selling, it’s easy to take it personally. Plus, the stress of not being able to sell your home can cause tension and anxiety. When your house isn’t selling in New York, it’s important to look at some factors that are keeping it on the market.

Expectations and Price

The number one reason homes in New York don’t sell is that they ’re priced too high. Your home has been a labor of love since you first moved in. It’s not just the money that you’ve put into it, but the time and attention as well. When pricing your home, it’s easy to go astray thinking what it’s worth to you or what you need to get for it to finance your next purchase.

However, the selling price of your home should be based on comparables in the neighborhood. Visit some open houses in your neighborhood to see what other sellers are asking. This gives you a better idea not only of the competition but of the actual value of your home.

You Don’t Realize It’s Dirty

If you’re selling your home, you know you have to clean. Anyone that’s ever watched HGTV will tell you that a home should be pristine when you’re trying to sell. But, everyday cleaning and decluttering is different from getting ready for a showing or an open house.

Even the most meticulous neat freak can be overwhelmed by dust and dirt you may not notice yourself. Hiring a professional cleaning service can be an essential tool in selling your apartment. Professional cleaners can get the spots you don’t see and give it a top to bottom shine that’s sure to get your home off the market.

Too Much Personality

When a buyer comes into your home, they’re trying to envision themselves in your space. If there is too much of you in your home, it can be difficult for a buyer to see themselves living there.

When you’re selling your apartment, especially if it’s been on the market for a while, consider taking you out of the equation. Personal photos should be taken down. Walls should be painted a neutral color. Quirky accents should be removed. Make your apartment a blank slate so that potential buyers can more easily picture themselves at home in your apartment.

It’s Not Being Properly Represented

You hire an agent to help sell your home because they are a professional with an understanding of the market and because they have the resources to get your home sold. If homes in your neighborhood are selling while yours remains static, it may be that your agent hasn’t done everything he or she could to represent you and sell your apartment.

Take a look at your listing to make sure it’s represented honestly and professionally. Make sure the agent has used professional photos that highlight your space in the best light. Then ask yourself if your agent has initiative and is a good communicator.

When selling New York City apartment, you may think you’re doing everything you can. But if it’s sitting on the market, these few tweaks can make the difference between another week on the market and get your home sold.


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